" bird is bridal " : You should marry me today
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Clansman of cloth of all alone of German the eastpart part (Sorbs) the city of Pan Xuwei at present of inhabit a region celebrates traditional red-letter day " bird is bridal " , year only Dai Lun of two years old (right) with Lei Ouni (left) dress up respectively bridegroom and bride, evil spirit it is lovely.

All alone cloth a group of things with common features is German minority, basically live around Germany and polish border land, according to local fokelore, the bird that the children of person of all alone cloth can give the woods in in the winter is fed feed, and to spring of the coming year, bird can bring candied in return to children. This kind of wedding is expression of person of all alone cloth to bird the form of gratitude. The type that children wears the dress on wedding and adult people it is same that the place when marrying wears a type.

Treat the bridegroom with none ambiguous kiss and new a form of address for one's wife

Take the advantage of others carelessly, kiss secretly

Wait to enter an assembly hall, be a bit excited?

The bridegroom attention of right not quite concentration, had playinging

Should want to hold this in both hands well who does the flower lose

How is gent ground bridegroom oneself new a form of address for one's wife leads a way

Can I be a the most beautiful bride?

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