Are you vogue does formal bride understand on wedding?
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As social development, bridal and formal also changing ceaselessly, but no matter how change, brides must know always have a few ceremony. Do do the test below, is seeing his know formal bride?


1. According to what do you decide to whether arrange the line that welcome guest?

A. Bridal official rate B. C of bridal ostentation and extravagance. Hold bridal time length

2. You meet which kinds of circumstance inform relatives and friends obligate gives time ahead of schedule under:

A. Your wedding day is to be in communal holiday or on the weekend, people is planted in this normally timeline activity B. The location that you marry is very remote, guests need to book airline ticket and hotel C ahead of schedule. Had not thought, see freezer go up completely remind stick.

3. Assume your parents divorced, and your mom already remarried. The significance of you and father is immense, but the fee that stepfather paid major wedding, who can you choose to accompany you to had walked along red carpet at that time?

A. It is one's own father of course! Blood is thick at water, close condition is more fundamental than money of course.

B. Stepfather, since it paid money to also should have this privilege.

C. Two together, pulling them at the same time two had walked along red carpet together.

4. On invitation " invite adult only " means says:

A. Do not invite dot B. Will hold a very open party C. You used wrong language

5. When the female remarries cannot:

A. Hold traditional bridal B. Bridal C is held in the morning. Wear white marriage gauze

6. In the budget insufficient circumstance falls, you can lend money to others

A. Yes; B. Deny.

7. Hypothesis circumstance 2: Your college roommate and his boy friend lives together, her boy friend is in your eye without a single redeeming feature, how can be you written to their invitation?

A. them two regard as a pair, send B of a piece of invitation. The roommate that gives you sends a piece of invitation, pretend her boy friend is nonexistent
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