Jiangxi auspicious installs marriage common
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The country that auspicious of   Jiangxi brings marriage common

Its are main content has discuss close, betrothal, travel to hire, period, get married, dotal, greet close, do obeisance to hall, make a room, answer the door to wait for 10.

  is discussed say again in person " give eight Characters about one's birth " . Marriage of men and women of auspicious city the ancients stresses be well-matched in social and economic status, the of the same surname that be the same as a village is illogical marriage. Marital important matter listens completely the speech that parental life, intermediary restricts. Via go-between pull wires, mention expressly by the woman be born year, month, day, when, let go-between give the man, the man puts birthday character 8 of the woman in on of hall sweet a few on, be like inside a few days without shift, show the woman " character 8 " can. Next, the man asks a ceremony to be born again " add up to character 8 " , if do not have strong gram, marriage can be discussed, avoid otherwise talk. "Character 8 " close, if both sides is favorite, open a list of present by the woman, man recompense is odd, bilateral and OK argy-bargy. Discuss when marriage, both sides of male and female does not meet, everything is arranged by go-between, accordingly, such marital hard to avoid can cause tragedy.

  betrothal is " see a someone " . The woman invites his familial feel family property accumulated over a long time with relatives and friends to man home. The man kills a pig to slaughter ovine fete entertainment, a day of make tea, mug-up, 3 eat, send the gift such as clothings even. Elder of woman daughter Xiang Nan's square relative is ordinal meet salute. Man relative elder must give " red bag " .

 hires  to cry again all right " pass a gift " . The man lists article by the place on list of present prepaid half gives the woman, red paper is stuck on gift, and branch of the cypress on the lid, indicative lucky, remain fresh forever. Male youth salutes to woman father and mother, " red bag " . The woman gives garment cap to male youth, to participate in the person that hires all right to give the gift such as towel, egg.

  connects period common to say " open a day " . Man choose decides auspicious day, keep good post with red paper, tell the woman, will fasten half betrothal gift to give the woman, get married in order to have.
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