The marriage common of ancient time of the Hakkas austral another name for Jiang
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Discuss marriage, the man is become when marriage, the parent can request relatives and friends or woman matchmaker says: "Where to see have appropriate younger sister son " meaning say namely
Intermediary. If both sides of male and female is intended, it is conventional auspicious day commonly, the gift such as fruit of flesh of man equipment good wine, assorted is mixed in go-between of a relative on one's wife side accompany
Go down together the bride's side dates, common says " young visitting younger sister " , the man should wrap " meet ceremony " to the woman, the odd amount in addition to the round number that money counts if
"6 " or " 9 " , in order to take meaning " suitable " or " long " this auspicious number. The woman receives gift and red package, and enthusiastic
After entertainment, meaning be allow marriage namely. Next the woman also picks an auspicious day day, fall together in the companion of its relative, head for the man " visit the home " ,
Also say " examine home " " brigade house field " , solid to look carefully at man family, neighborhood, also be to make clear allied meaning publicly, familial
Near neighbour can be sent oneself come rice wine, fruit and meat or fish dish wait for action Shi Ke's person. In order to show the person enthusiasm hospitality here. Man criterion not only
Want regale to receive serve woman numerous guest, give the woman and all member send red package even. Between banquet agreed favour compensate ceremony, case gift,
Gu He of cruelly oppress, glutinous is dotal wait.

Be engaged, common says " betrothal " . Both sides of male and female has looked each other after the family is satisfactory, the man picks an auspicious day day, on the belt agreed
oil of gallinaceous duck cruelly oppress, grain, candied, food and drink, and the headgear that hires gold and prospective bride certainly, clothings, in go-between accompany
Propose with next formal call at sb's house, guest of fete of woman criterion enthusiasm, answer give cap of prospective husband shoe to wait, this form is betrothal namely.
The man after betrothal should be decided at the beginning of left and right sides of half an year ahead of schedule marry day, pick an auspicious day the gift on sun belt sends the woman the home, this calls " newspaper life
" if the woman agrees, drive by date make dotal, preparation gets married matters concerned. In this paragraph of time, encounter have dragon boat festival, mid-autumn
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