Jiangxi the Jinggang Mountains marriage common
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Before liberating, folk of earth of the Jinggang Mountains, a settler from another place is to execute arranged marriage, head marriage depends on parental life completely, the character of intermediary Shuo. Rich person but 3 wife 4 concubine, deficient person one husband one wife. After a some poor wary children are grown faint espouse, in children 7, when 8 years old, make namely marry, man general woman is received bring up in the home, day of get married picks an auspicious day again after waiting for them to grow up, this calls " child bride " . Some because domestic deficient or big marry hard, the man arrives woman marry into and live with wife's family, common says to come. Marry into and live with wife's family of a few places in earthy record dweller becomes custom.
Male marry female marry, basically have 3 programs: One, betrothal. The men and women arrived certain age, hold intermediary act as a matchmaker in the palm by parents, after both sides is intended, write down birthday (common says " character 8 " ) ask fortune-telling gentleman to close " character 8 " , be like " character 8 " close, bilateral parents asks silently to know family circumstances of the other side and moral quality, bilateral satisfaction places marriage namely. 2, hire all right. After both sides places marriage, the wedding day that the man decides betrothal gifts and choose sends toward the bride's side, call " next deciding " . Betrothal gifts how many both sides decides, deficient person send symbolistic betrothal gifts only, rich person betrothal gifts is rich and generous, have chicken, duck, wine, flesh, cloth, cash and bullion headgear. 3, greet close. Receive close order, the men and women is bilateral fete entertains close friends, say: "Wine of take a wife " , " is married female wine " . The man is received close, do not divide the rich and the poor, all have a bridal sedan chair, companion receives the bride with suona horn, strains of music accompanied by drumbeats time.
The woman gets married, have cry married habit, common says " cry daughter-in-law woman " . Before 4 days of woman move into one's husband's household upon marriage or two days, want to ask chaperon company, the bride is sung cry marry song, express to reach the villager's attaching to parents, family member. The meeting that does not cry is thought " hunger is married " .
After liberating, carry out " marriage law " , execute equality of men and women, marital freedom, one husband one wife, prohibit bigamous, concubinage and child bride. Coincidence method of male and female marries surely the age, love is mature, deal with the formalities that register to local government, namely establish husband and wife concerns. When marrying, 50 time arrive 70 time are formal conform to the principle of simplicity, some sets boiled water, candy or congratulant close friends comes before simple banquet is xenial; Some holds collective wedding: In recent years, man get married get married should purchase furniture, fete close friends congratulates. The woman is dotal, have the article such as machine of washing machine, colour television, freezer. Receive close, town is multi-purpose car, the country is multi-purpose car. (author: Summerly dream kind and gentle)
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