Tibet of the person that Nanchang is collected is tasted unveil group of mystery
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"I collect a Chungong of infrequent clear acting encaustic to pursue, and when this graph or daughter get married, what a married woman's parents' home sends a daughter to press one's store of valuables is dotal. " recently, nanchang citizen Rao Dachun expects to our newspaper newspaper, weigh oneself 10 will be collected technically for years marriage celebrate things, even the marriage certificate of each period also is him collect an object, already more than 100 Tibet are tasted nowadays, these Tibet taste the history that just like flows, witnessing wedding folk-custom evolves --

Rao Dachun reveals Tibet to taste

Graph of encaustic spring palace is things of marriage common dowry formerly

"You look, very much good-for-nothing or queer character was collected here. " recently, rao Dachun is in oneself private collect a house, the marriage that takes out oneself to be collected for years celebrates things, agitato shows treasure to the reporter. Rao Dachun says, the numerous marriage that collects in him celebrates things in, box of rouge of form of a heart embarrasses so that see quite.

Reporter discovery, box of rouge of this heart form is porcelain clay fire and become, see box of rouge of this heart form do not have the place with special what from the appearance. "Open this box, chungong of under cover encaustic pursues inside this, this is what buy at high price over there lover is collect from 10 years ago. " Rao Dachun agitato tells a reporter, at that time to not be deceived, taking box of rouge of this heart form to find Jiangxi to save archaeology institute researcher to make Zhi Fanjian decide designedly, after Xu Zhi model is differentiated carefully repeatedly, appraisal is this is Qianlong year the articles for use of convention of a marriage between, from the point of the dress of the character on encaustic, chun Gongtu is with bright generation the character is main modelling, graph of such encaustic spring palace basically is dowry of a married woman's parents' home when, those who give daughter pressing the bottom of a chest is dotal. Woodcut of existent this clear acting porcelain box of rouge of Chun Gongtu pottery and porcelain, to understanding the marriage common culture at that time, very valuable.
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