Nanchang marriage folk-custom
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Nanchang folk-custom marries arrangement plan

Marrying is life an important matter, want to had done this important matter to must want to have careful arrangement, allow festival time more fill glorious. Act on serious, precise manner now, make the following scheduling, in order to offer reference, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to you. Whole plan cent is 3 parts: The notice after pre-construction, bridal arrangement, marriage. Specific content and operation flow are as follows: One, pre-construction
1, building, household reachs the designated position
Include a building to decorate, home appliance, furniture, articles for daily use, kitchenware (this but cannot little, civilian it is a day in order to feed) purchase, build namely " sweet fossa " .

2, post of car of preparative marriage banquet, marriage, happy event, dress and flower
These are the issues that should decide beforehand, be short of one cannot, and appropriate is early unfavorable evening.
(1) marriage banquet: Determine desk number, but the basis is fond of card number, reduce two desks appropriately, let a hotel have 3 desks of two ~ obligate. (the hotel is first-class can shift to an earlier date a month is booked)
(2) marriage car: Decide good head car and motorcade amount, in motorcade at least due car of a business affairs goes to the lavatory to hold a person or hold thing. (ahead of schedule a month books) (attention: Run quickly not to appear at the same time with Sangdana! ! )
(Post of 3) happy event: Extending personnel includes to kiss friend, good friend, classmate, work in the same placing to wait. Among them kin can be considered by bilateral parents, good friend, classmate, colleague can be arranged by oneself. (give out inside a week before marriage banquet) (attention: If somebody marriage asked you, you must return hospitality he, be sure to keep in mind! ! )
(4) dress: Be when marrying " appearance " , the person is born with so classical hour, new dress is little not (cap-a-pie, equipment considered to what him degree: ) ) , proposal: Men's 1~2 is covered (match other and business suit, festival him dress surely deliberate over) , lady 2~3 is covered (contain rental marriage gauze) . (the preparation inside a month, especially marriage gauze should inform beforehand)
(5) flower: This is affirmative, do not have floriferous to foil, atmosphere is done not have so powerful, this basically includes the rose of the admire before head car should plunge into bosom of festooned vehicle and bridegroom, bride. Look for a beautiful inn to complete this work. (beautiful inn had better be mixed course of your drive a vehicle concerns couplet)
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