Common of marriage of Chinese ancient time
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The age that ancient time gets married, each dynasty is not identical. Year period, man 20 add a coronal, woman 16 reach Ji, can marry; Call again " male 30 and marry, female 20 and marry " , it is to be not miss the opportunity. " Hui Diji of Chinese book · " in with respect to account of proclaimed in writing: "Woman year 15 above come 30 do not marry, 5 calculate. " " 5 calculate " punish the taxes with her fivefold pay namely. Actually, the phenomenon of marring too early of Chinese ancient time is very serious also, song Daiceng has " Fan Nan year 15, female year 13, listen to marriage " regulation. " Ban Zhaochuan of · of book of the later Han dynasty " in with respect to account: Ban Zhao " year 10 have 4, hold Yu Caoshi of dustpan and broom " . " pass after the Guan Huang on Chinese book · " in have even " lunar Yu Sui stands for empress, year just 6 years old " account. But it is commonly in 20 years old of around.

Olden the bridegroom's or husband's family goes the bride's side is greeted when kissing, all be in nightly. " gift gift · person faint ceremony " call: "Faint ceremony make known to lower levels. " Zheng Xuan notes: "Person the ceremony of wive, in order to faint by a definite date, consequently renown Yan. This world is gone to and shade comes, day is into 3 business. " and, "A man's cap used in ancient times of master the rank of nobility, skirt, black, follower Bi Xuan is carried, take Chinese ink car, from the car 2 by, hold the horse before candle " . I.e. greets close average per capita to wear black clothes, car horse also uses black. This common and later ages kiss with be being greeted by day, wear gules dressMarriage common, widely different. Begin from Tang Dynasty, only then will receive close time instead morning. According to the Tang Dynasty of type of · Duan Cheng " You Yang miscellaneous an ancient sacrificial utensil " account: "Ceremony, wedding is used surely, with its this world is gone to and shade comes also. Salute today Yu Xiao. " dawn namely crepuscular. Edge of after this photograph up to now.

Ancient time also has very much to the attitude of firm introduction bride exquisite. According to " Lv age " account: "Hui Zi goes out, bai Gui accuses a person to say: ' the person has the person that marry Fu newly, fu comes, appropriate installs pity smoke to inspect fawn on to go. ' " alleged " the smoke that install pity inspects fawn on to go " , shang Binghe notes: "The smoke that install pity inspects fawn on to go, describe the condition of bride, in a subtle way of it may be said. Like that gratifying is met, hard Yan Quan. The person that install, easy; Pity person, careful; The person that smoke is inspected, eye wave flow does not look askance continuously; The person that fawn on goes, move stop be ashamed shrinks gentle and lovely installs Xu Ye. Be all the condition of the introduction at the beginning of bride, it is to lose the status instead. " when Chinese generation marries, all build tent with black cloth curtain, in order to is held hand in Bai Zhili. " the life says neologism · holiday cheats " piece account: "When Wei Wu is little, it is as good as Yuan Shao to taste for You Xia. Watch person newly-married, because slip into master garden in, night calls Hu Yun: ' have secretly thief! ' green cottage go-between all goes out view. Wei Wu is, take blade disaster bride. " this kind what get married in Qing Luzhong is consuetudinary, take the place of to Qing Dynasty along add all the time, of Pu Songling " different of Liao Zhai annals " in much place is mentioned.
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