Hainan will hold 2008 marriage Qing Bo to see
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Nanhai net on December 5 message: "1000 pairs of new personality greet grand meeting, group of 10 thousand people is bought be troubled by the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day " , I am saved first culture regale " 2008 Hainan marriage celebrates exposition " will come 20 days to be able to exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously in big talk on January 18 at next year.

Marriage celebrate an industry to already made a burgeoning sunny industry of our country, the data that according to Hainan hall of province civil administration provides shows, hainan province had fifty-three thousand six hundred pairs of new personality to register 2006 marry, marriage celebrate consumption to be as high as 1.6 billion yuan of RMBs.

By daily of guidance of big talk municipal government, Hainan group signing up for course of study is sponsorred, Hainan thes southern part of the country name of coronal of industrial limited company supports provision, this second marriage rich that limited company of development of Hainan daily culture undertakes is met, will around " 1000 pairs of new personality greet group of grand meeting, 10 thousand people to buy be troubled by the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day " can extend a theme, through building businessman, media, consumer interactive communication platform achieves 3 old goals: One of, advocate marriage celebrate culture. Marriage rich can delimit elaborate scheme the marriage of a series of rich and colorful celebrates thematic activity, shirt-sleeve vogue and traditional and diversiform element, thorough mining marriage celebrates culture connotation and extension, reveal marriage celebrate colorful glamour. Secondly, compose is built interact and the platform of sale. Meeting general provides marriage gain collect is revealed, trade, seek advice at an organic whole all-around service, make marriage orgnaization of service of the manufacturer home that celebrates a product, agency, intermediary and consumer implementation face-to-face interactive communication, offer to show company image for the enterprise, extend oneself product, connection communicates a client, disentomb the optimal platform that cultivates the market. Thirdly, drive an industry to develop. Marriage rich can celebrate the one big grand meeting of the industry as Hainan marriage, can offer rich marriage to celebrate product and service not only, help the positive development that uses relevant property, also can be chance with this at the same time, make high grade brand, integrated market resource.
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