Darling skins sensitive pa Mom needs to notice daily look after 6 keys
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Darling skin is flimsy, material of air temperature change, dress material is qualitative not beautiful, or it is osculatory chemistry drug, cause skin easily to produce sensitive phenomenon. Want darling to be far from skin sensitive, pa Mom needs to notice the little detail in daily life.

My Story

After baby is born, both ends has red to take off bits and measles all the time, it seems that perfunctory, when just leaving hospital, thinking is a new student noxiousness erythema, just be the to air and dirt reaction after puerile skin is born, care nothing so... but 3 days went, seem to also do not have ameliorative evidence, my farther-in-law says this is " red baby " , very normal.

Cannot help demand medical service eventually

Is the skin of little baby should very is powdery tender pink tender? So I feel very interrogative... but seem to also be done not have because of darling uncomfortable, and because I am confined the body is unwell cannot go out, then I used the most conservative means -- continue to observe. When approaching a baby's completion of its first month of life, still did not improve, I worried a little, be afraid of is the different that the color that everybody hears changes sexual dermatitis, then the decision takes a hospital. The course is diagnosed is eczema, come home brush brush steroid ointment, it is good to lie between 2 days.

From this thing later, I realise the skin of darling is very delicate, must take good care of, how must learn to take care of it well so?

Follow Me of darling skin look after!

1. Neuter bath is shown

Above all, when bathing, the bath that gives clear water or PH neutral is shown (darling is special) , must not use adult bath to show (this is the germ) that my darling falls ill, disinfect sexual bath to breed, soap even brine. Simple and fast abluent, after wiping, the lacteal frostlike powder that use baby uses, strengthen protect wet.

2. Wear cotton qualitative clothings

Discrepant the little baby of a sexual dermatitis misgive wants more careful, had better bathe with clear water, do not want bubble bath, lest make the skin drier. The nutrition that gives sensitivity skin to use protects Shi Shuang, wearing the clothings of pure cotton, avoid the coarse dress material such as abb, nylon, do not let darling contact bouncy clothings.

3. Notice food

The symptom is slight in the doctor cure falls, attainable very good improvement, do not need limitative food.
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