Issue of parental blood type involves new student of darling health vigilance ha
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Everybody knows normally, if the blood type when blood transfusion shoulds not, two kinds of blood type can be inside body " battle " and cause serious consequence, must make blood type identification before blood transfusion so. Same, if the blood type of mother and child shoulds not, the antibody inside maternal body enters the body of darling through placenta, make thereby " battlefield " in the body that changes darling, cause a new life haemolysis is ill.

A statistic shows, the odds that there is 20%-30% probably in all childbirth can appear mother baby blood type shoulds not, namely the child that these maternal childbirth give suffers from likely on new student haemolysis is ill. What form contrast with this is, the parents that does not arrive to be become only can make antenatal blood group to the hospital serological examination, will make the child is far from haemolysis disease.

New student because disagreement of blood type of husband and wife is caused,haemolysis disease is, phenomenon of disagreement of blood type of husband and wife is very common, so new student haemolysis disease is very common also, new student of hospital of Zhejiang province children is paediatrics basically can close every months treat 20-30 name haemolysis baby. Although new student 10% what the incidence of a disease of haemolysis disease occupies Mu Ying blood type to should not about, but the consequence that causes likely is very terrible. However, detect in what Zhejiang visits haemal center every week comes the branch before 56 pairs of couples only do antenatal blood type to check, compare giant birth group, this figure is so little that this figure have pity on.

   Haemolysis darling is so easy that haemolysis darling anaemia mixes icteric

As we have learned, ill symptom has haemolysis light heavy. Below normal circumstance, what child postnatal begins to be able to have fixed rate the following day is icteric, the head that mom can discover the child is facial or pectoral abdomen can appear the color of appearance of citric Huang Yi; Arrived 4-6 day when icteric more fierce, appear a small height; 10 days of or so yellow after be born about gradually subsidise, return to normal, because maternal antibody comes from inside infantile body,using up everyday, so the symptom can improve gradually. After if be in,the child is born the skin appears inside 24 hours icteric, progress is rapid, develop the whole body even, color by shallow yellow grow golden color, orange, this moment should cause enough vigilance.
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