Contemporary mammy is lacked confuse galacticly
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Once upon a time, our grandmother and mother, although they that times is not paid attention to or say to stress dietary nutrition and health care without the condition at all of what, but they are feeding the breast that a pair of galactic gurgle have when next generation already was common. Contrary, the hungry mom that does not have milk is not much. The young mother that can be today, why Where is mostly little milk? Our little baby is born to be decided to be " be short of grain door inherently " , must search really seek an account. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

A: Chemical fibber invades lacteal canal

Light of cloth of cereal of spring of public woman university teachs Japanese Tokyo think, "Outside removing partial internal cause, contemporary mammy is little one of galactic reasons are dress up with dress about, for instance the fiber of the dress and brassiere can jam lacteal canal. " for test and verify this is judged, light of fontal cereal cloth is taught lack galactic mammy from hundreds squeeze in the breast those who go out is long about 0. 5 millimeter, wide about 0. The chrysalis shape particle of 2 millimeter undertakes an analysis, result discovery, the particle that go out is being squeezed in having 80% mammy breast wait for composition by tiny abb, cotton goods, chemical fiber.

Original, after the brassiere on mammy belt, because the tit is in of brassiere oppressive below, cause the attrition aggravate of tit and brassiere, the fiber on brassiere can enter breast gradually inside the canal, make breed the canal jams thereby, cause a few mammy are suckled less or do not have a grandma. To prevent this kind of situation, professor Gu Buguang points out the spring, during mammy is pregnant, answer " raise vigilance " --

Pregnancy does not fasten brassiere too closely, be in especially gravid later period, should notice more;

Avoid to make skin direct contact chemical fibber clothings, do not wear abb directly outside brassiere kind the dress;

Brassiere catharsis wants elaborate all the more, do not brassiere and other clothing and other articles of daily use together catharsis;

Before using brassiere every time, must careful the stroke such as other people of account of the dirt its inside, fiber, Mao Yu is clean;

The fabric that makes brassiere must soft, had better choose high grade of pure cotton material;

Additional, pregnancy should insist to swab, massage breast, notice the tit is wholesome.
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