Unscramble accurate conception day
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Want to know, female conception needs 6 ~ on average 8 months, the conception probability of every month is 15% ~ only 20% . The oviposit that understands oneself well and truly period conduce to the odds that increases conception.

The turn with right choice to conception it is very important. When is these measure can help you decide under " of your " lucky day. Do not be eager to hope for success, loosen as far as possible, enjoy this one process.

The first pace: Observe menstruation is periodic. Does your menstrual cycle have the law? Between two menstruation be apart how many days? These information should master first most. If you cannot accurate if answering these two questions, can adopt below in order to a few methods:

Menstruation comes wet when the record is made on calendar, number produces " the first day " . Computation arrives the next time menstruation comes wet (namely next " the first day " ) between share how many days.

You perhaps need to record 34 months ability to be calculated well and truly continuously the length that gives menstrual cycle and rule. Menstrual cycle is average it is 28 days, be in nevertheless 23 ~ 35 it is normal to be belonged to between the day. Of course, periodic day number also is met because of the month different. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

The 2nd pace: Decide oviposit period. In oviposit period the key that the of the same branch of a family in a paragraph of small time is conception, the ovum that oviposit period points to it is mature to become namely arrives from ovarian eduction tubal time. So, the 2nd work that you need to do decides oviposit period namely. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

If your menstrual cycle has the law but abide

The oviposit that then you need to do a few simple calculation to be able to know his only period: Generally speaking, oviposit period is in normally the next time menstruation comes 14 climate begin before tide, if your periodic as it happens is 28 days, then oviposit period calculates from the 14th periodic day case. Your day number with cycle is so subtractive 14 can reach the time of oviposit. If your menstrual cycle does not have the rule, or you hope to be calculated accurately oviposit period, you can adopt a few more the following method:

Record temperature.

A mark that oviposit period begins is fundamental temperature appreciably lifts. You can secure a time to measure temperature before getting up in the morning everyday (use special thermometer) , come down digital record next scale becomes graph, such holding to that record a few months, the oviposit that you can forecast you according to the rule period. The temperature of most female the 24 ~ after oviposit 48 can rise in the hour 0.5 degrees.
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