Be pregnant: Do not hit what did not prepare to battle!
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Since can give birth to a child only, young father and mother expressed very big hope to prospective darling: Beautiful, clever, the most crucial is, healthy. Create a little life, and let him be in successful in be born, add a member more to the family, cannot be cursory go into battle of course optional act, need to plan rationally likewise, need couple physiology and mentally had made sufficient preparation.

Expert proposal: Before be pregnant, best can have 3 months chrysalis.   

Case drink climb let me worry about 9 months  

Little ice just did little ice of the mother 29 years old to did not think of, go Li Jiang played, feel her be in a state of anxiety large half an year.

Last year the end of the year when, the company organizes Yunnan travel, little ice is original lively and amused, although marry already a year many, like looking to still resemble little girl. From Kunming flying Li Jiang, the plane met air stream in headroom, bump badly, when descending, little ice begins airsick, one blast afflictive and nauseating, the plane stops firm, her complexion improves at long last a bit. Answered guesthouse to sleep after shut-eye, at long last young, when little ice appears the following day, be radiant. Next a few days, should play play, should eat eat, eat hotpot, drink alcohol, climb snow mountain, the eye looks at the male colleague that goes together, begin natural environment to refuse to obey have vomit and diarrhea rise, little ice fastens Titus complacent.   

Carefree played more than 10 days, little ice was taking contented mood and full film to return to base. Just came home do not have a few days, get up in the morning, she begins queasy keck. Oneself think, after marrying although do not have,take step strictly, but so won't artful. Do not be at ease, she went to a hospital making an inspection, the doctor tells her: It is to be pregnant really, and computative come down, she is going before Yunnan 10 come the day had... little ice thinks of he drinks to climb snow mountain again again, complexion began to become white again.   

Balance advantages and disadvantages, she after all also 29 years old, it is not easy also to have a child, ten thousand one abortion pulls down a what an old complaint again, the loss outweights the gain. Heard doctor reference opinion, she and husband discussed, the decision wants this child. Just, next large half an year, the eye looks at him " abdomen " be brought up, she is worrying secretly from beginning to end...
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