Does intense orgasm conduce give birth to the boy?
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Intense orgasm, not only become pregnant easily, conduce to implementation prepotent, increase the odds of unripe boy likely still! But bringing fetal level, sexual love appears piece " negative effect " . Yesterday afternoon, zhu Jiaming of can standing director is in Chinese sexology " sexual Cultural Festival " heavy head activity -- , Guangdong sexology can establish learning 15 years above point of view is expressed on the seminar. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

Zhu Jiaming holds Guangdong part-time to save a gender to learn vice-chairman at the same time, be engaged in for a long time infecund not outpatient service of Yo, prepotent actor Yo works. Made yesterday afternoon " the sexual influence to success or failure of be pregnant with " special subject report.

Orgasm has to becoming pregnant effect

Zhu Jiaming thinks, the orgasm of both sides of male and female is helpful for rising to conception is led and realize prepotent actor Yo, exceeding orgasm not only become pregnant easily, conduce to implementation prepotent, increase the odds of unripe boy likely still. After because female easy pregnancy is,before 3 days in two menstruation interim arrive 4 days, namely oviposit period around, if plan to want to be pregnant, the man is best can ego control, center seminal fluid in the woman relatively oviposit period is used. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

The expert gives directions: Do orgasm and oviposit have without connection?   

Zhu Jiaming says, the male ejaculates in sexual harmony, because seminal hormone is enough, spermatozoon vigor is exuberant, be helpful for as soon as possible arriving at with ovum assemble, decrease to get in moving process the harm of outside element. Depend on the woman, the advantage that orgasm brings is more, cervix is alkalescent the grow in quantity of exudate, the move about that is helpful for spermatozoon not only is supplied with nutrition, return the acidity environment that can counteract the vagina, have protective effect to spermatozoon; Research returns discovery, the cervix when orgasm is stretched a bit, what this kind of condition can maintain 30 minutes is long, open convenient door greatly for spermatozoon, right now uterus position is formed with the vagina almost linear, avoid spermatozoon to go " crooked road " . [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

Female climax still can appear additional oviposit, zhu Jiaming points out this is " safety period is insecure " mechanism. Secrete because of the hormone when the climax enough, tubal liquid grow in quantity, already mature ovum gets more nutrition, and in ovarian in have not mature ovum can shift to an earlier date maturity goes out side by side.
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