Decide 12 question of fetal size
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Fetal whether is the development in the abdomen the thing that accurate mom care most normally. The Zhou Shu that the doctor connects regular meeting to be pregnant according to fetal size and mom will judge fetal grow growth is normal. So what element can affect fetal size?

Rely on present scientific method, judging fetal size is not a very difficult issue. Generally speaking the doctor basically gives fetal size through exceeding sound wave to the examination is measured and be calculated. So, be what element decided fetal size after all? Is mom's element some more? Is the element that still is father some more? Will see the question and answer below, whether can you help you resolve question?

   1, whether to concern with the body state of mom or father? Mom tall, fetal bigger?

Answer: Fetal build size suffers mom and father constitution effect of course, this is genetic action. If mom or father figure are tall, the darling build that is born is compared probably big. But if mom figure is short and father figure is tall, with respect to it's hard to say.

   2, the habits and customs of accurate mom, if drink, smoke, can right fetal what is affected?

Answer: Mom drinks, alcohol also can be carried through umbilical cord fetal, uterine core condition can worsen consequently, natural meeting produces undesirable effect to fetal development. Smoking can bring about the aggravation of uterine core condition like drink, when because become accurate mother,smoking, the hemal meeting of the body is contractive, carry fetal oxygen and nutrient material to be able to decrease, restrain to fetal normal growth generation thereby, possible even meeting brings about uterine inner tube stunt. Accordingly, if drink for a long time, smoke, can bring about low weight be born.

   3, whether does the habit meet the food of accurate mom be affected to fetal generation?

Answer: Meet of course influential. For instance the excessive of salinity is absorbed, the aggravation that a large number of edible of food of high quantity of heat can cause uterine core condition etc, the growth with fetal influence development, possible still even meeting is brought about darling appears in the future a few undesirable habits and customs.

   4, the gain weight of accurate mom, can fetal weight also increase?

Answer: If because eat and drink too much,accurate mom is or the athletic inadequacy gain weight that bring about, this hypodermic and adipose grow in quantity that is accurate him mom just, do not have direct connection with the addition of fetal weight.
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