The child does not need perfect parents
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★ loosens a dot, those who do father and mother! The child that did not forget one has perfect father and mother should have many tired: This waits to force child joy then, forcing he is happy -- , because this is fixed target of parents! "You know, you have your option of course, choose misfortune even. " a mother of rich sense of humor often says so to the child.
★ from last centuries 60 time rises, psychological doctor seeks advice in all sorts of psychology and educational star was become on woman magazine, a kind of view occupied windward: Without inherent bad child, did not get the child that loves adequately only. People begins to encourage a dialogue, listen attentively to... the mistake of this generation person depends on rejecting conflict. do they believe the child can be in the environment that did not conflict grow? Cannot say to them not? The wish that notice does not get a ban to restrain is a kind of force, and those who be conduced to the child by pilot conflict grow.
★ child is in the age that strives for independent character, parents surrounded the child with love, as child coop the cage of love. So if the child wants to break through cage, what they want intense revolt the first times is parents. Often hear parents to speak of the child so: "It is angel outside, prince of the Devils is in the home. " it is angel outside, because they are fear of the world outside to be in the home,be; It is Prince of the Devils, because they know him stand by one's word,be.
★ passes the investigation discovery that makes to the nature place of a lot of terrorist, their majority has gotten very good education, love their parents very much. Their domestic environment is too good. Parents stems from kind-hearted desire, monopolize everything, solve all problems for them, eliminate all difficulty. This makes the child cannot discover him -- , do not know who oneself are, do not know what oneself want, the behavior that does not know oneself is sequential, do not know oneself can undergo what kind of test, do not know oneself value. Boys try danger then in drugs, horror; The girl tries sexual play possibly.
A few parents of ★ him conceal pain, hate to part with let the child bear a bit is painful. They are not clear, what admit oneself to the child is faulty -- , weak, timid with the setback, it is beneficial to the child. Child need is complete parents, is not apple-pie parents. Get along with faulty parents, child ability grows.
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