Safe food of the baby
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The safety of infantile food includes the safe establishment of dining-room and kitchen not only, the safety when still including a baby to take food defends.
1, dining-room and kitchen must be installed pinnacled.
(1) the wiring with dining-room and commonly used kitchen is very much, fry boiler and electric pink millstone to wait like Bao of meal of microwave oven, report, report, plug should be installed pinnacled. Because of half years old the following baby already can crawl or help up, regular meeting extends little hand the electrical outlet that takes low place in alveolus, incidental get an electric shock.
(2) should have all round gas burner defend equipment, lest receive ammunition of the coal when fresh gale by blow out flat, gas furnace switch is dallied with to cause after still can avoiding the child to be brought up disappointing and cause gas and toxic.
(3) the unfavorable and informal chaos such as fruit knife, kitchen knife, scissors is put. The edge tool that should make these easily the child is harmed is put pinnacled or the lock is in the drawer, want to had kept, lest cut.
(4) wine kind, vinegar, hot oil and the content such as all sorts of dressing, cleaner, should classify put pinnacled cabinet inside, after using, had kept.
(5) when opening freezer, should put the baby in the baby on special seat, take food next. Do not adopt the child single-handed, open freezer fetch single-handed. When making the baby is extending the hand freezer to catch thing so easily, be pressed by resilient freezer door.
(6) the baby sits those who have back is tall model seat is due shroud protects a body, such babies climb not easily to drop Jiao, can sit again firm safety takes food, and still facilitate adult is fed feed.
(7) platoon fan (or machine of the lampblack that take off a platoon) in the open when cook, make indoor lampblack seasonable eduction outdoor, lest the baby will be fat flue gas body is inspiratory inside body.
(8) gas water heater should place the high inside the kitchen, in case the child contacts switch, can prevent again happen when the bathroom is gas and disappointing gas and toxic.
2, the safety when taking food defends
(1) amusing does not want when taking food or offend cry. The due and quiet environment when the baby takes food, pleasant atmosphere, make him absorption take food. Yock of the tease when if be in,taking food, beat and scold offend cry, or threaten alarmed, the baby is easy food by accident inspiratory and tracheal, cause asphyxial.
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