Darling eats skill to need to learn and be imitated
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Thinking darling eats ability is formed naturally, his process that eats skill development to must have study. The absorb of darling, deglutition and absorb to solid alimental and drink or the ability of drink should learn.
Absorb and deglutition want right lactation way. 5 months baby practices 4 ~ be being photographed from inside spoon feed, hurried eats the changeover of content property. Exercise of 6 months baby waters from inside the cup or suckle, benefit is coordinated at oral cavity motion, the development of ability of stimulative children independence, it is the expression with mature psychology. And the maturity that masticatory development digests a function on behalf of darling. Darling takes food completely independently or with parents in all eat is akin food, state he is truly grown.
Let darling feel happy oral cavity is exciting early, if take food, bite a thing, have thumb, be helpful for eating solid food and frumentaceous changeover later, be helpful for feeling perceptive development.
What ego takes food is earlier, darling often takes food with more elementary means, if be absorb first, just be to bite next, masticatory, for many times study can promote what darling ego eats ability to rise. Dine with the adult more, make darling has more chance to imitate an adult to eat a movement, from catch food to arrive with finger learn to use spoon, chopstick. In process of this ego learning, be beneficial to eye, hand, mouth to coordinate an action not only, still can increase the self-confident heart of darling and independent capacity.
In darling the parent in eating skill learning process wants to notice:
1. The bite before teething the thing, development that takes the behavior such as big toe to be helpful for him eating ability, do not want to prevent.
2. The parent should have a meal like the child, if use spoon, hand to catch food to wait, let darling imitate, not blindly without giving thought to,oneself eat the child or feed the child only " do not feed oneself " .
3. Learning process wants successive, cannot force.
4. Want to have patience, patient darling is done farfetchedly in eating study, learned to had been met slowly. Did not forget, the parents of darling also is in one's childhood such " eat " those who come over.

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