Baby shortage vitamin suffers from easily on feeling
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Feel on namely infection of the upper respiratory tract, main symptom is calorific, cough, happen repeatedly, mix with antibiotic relieve a cough expectorant medicine result is bad also, because child constitution is bad,people always thinks to often suffer from the upper respiratory tract to affect is, actually, vitamin A lack also is the reason that nots allow to ignore among them.

Vitamin A can stabilize epithelial cellular film, the structure that keeps the skin and mucous membrane is whole. And a kind respiratory tract mucous membrane is epithelial tissue, can hold back the descent of bacterium, virus, it is a strong line of defense that prevents infection of human body respiratory tract. This line of defence was weakened, natural incidental respiratory tract is affected.

The account that children lacks vitamin A is reserve finite, the dietary structure of this and our country crowd is given priority to with the amylaceous food such as rice, face, contain vitamin A to be concerned rarely among them.

Once diagnose relapses respiratory tract infection and vitamin lack are concerned, besides use outside fighting the remedy such as infection, need compensatory vitamin A. Be like bolus of glue of A of vitamin of profess to convinced, every time 1 (2500 units) , daily 1, take 8 days repeatedly. If profess to convinced absorbs the effect to differ, appropriate uses intramuscular injection of deep of fluid of vitamin AD inject, daily 1, every time 0.5-1 milliliter, with 2-3 second, profess to convinced changes after the symptom improves.

Also can use feed filling idea, eat more a few contain the food with vitamin richer A, be like egg, grandma kind. Those who need an attention is, vitamin A is not beneficial hurtless invigorator, scarcely should increase dosage by oneself or extend the time that use drug, if excessive is taken, can produce disgusting, be addicted to to sleep, the toxic symptom such as apophysis of the Xin before the baby.