During long tooth- - infantile feed
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A few infants grow to speed is decelerated and appear all sorts of nutrient lack disease appear in afore-mentioned this one phase mostly. Be in the child that trades lacteal period level to increase ceaselessly to nutrient demand, the liquid food volume that feeds normally is large, and gastric capacity of the baby slants relatively small. This contradiction passes density of change food nutrition to solve only, increase nutrient density namely, grow and increase what follow infantile age complementary the time that eats feed: 6, healthy in August baby is daily hello complementary feed 2, 3, 9-11 month 3, 4, 12-23 month increases nourishing snacks, be like a fruit, take the cookie of peanut butter, daily 1-2 second. If the quantity of feed is too little or density is low, still should increase repast number.

Transfer to solid alimental by liquid food. It is our country country or city no matter at present, mostly the infant's family changes lacteal period in what transfer to solid food by liquid food, often give priority to with congee of rice paste, rice, water in which noodles have been boiled. If the baby August wants to achieve the requirement of energy through eating rice congee, need 5 bowls to drink the rice congee of 200 milliliter everyday, even if is such all sorts of main nutriment still differ a lot of. Long practical fluidity, divide the child won't outside deglutition, masticatory function of the child is weaker and weaker, the child is brought up to also be disinclined to chew good thing, this makes the muscle with oral cavity inside and outside cannot get the child's tooth to take exercise duely, jaw bone also cannot well development.