How to develop the dietary habit with child good nurturance
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The principle with begin to have a thing the most important to baby is a kind, and need to add bit of soup or boiled water to mix sometimes slimy shape, next, gradually he also eats the food with family.

You can begin to try to take bit of banana mud to be put on spoon or finger to feed a child, you can discover he meets what eat off it very quickly. The minim food that then you can want him to eat is put on tray to let him himself eat, if he appears to need to help, you are then OK sometimes now and then help him grasp hold spoon, but not whole take feed him, and the be fond of that destroyed him.

When if you want,giving the child two kinds of food, best method is mix them a kind, and need to mix some of has eaten food, the curiosity that increases euqally new meeting to cause him more be accepted easily.

If just began a few times, the baby does not have the word of interest, can stop had waited for period of time, retrying to give him, sometimes the baby is in 8, before nine month, won't have fun at to food. If the baby is healthy, you are not anxious also.

After 6 months, the baby can catch a thing to eat with the hand, parents should know children to be when osculatory new food, also be dietary habit education begin, develop good dietary habit to the child as a child, this pair of children it is very crucial that the health henceforth grows. The relaxed and pleasant family atmosphere when taking food reachs parental encouragement, meet your child accept a few food more easily. Contrary, parents uses the step that takes some kind of food to just reward a desert normally, this meeting is brought about do not have the darling with special evil happy event to produce ill feeling of be disgusted with to this kinds of food to this food originally.

Darling comes in 12 months when 21 months are big, be willing to eat any things that you give him very much. Should eat all sorts of different vegetable to him at this moment. You are the illuminative teacher of darling, after darling begins to eat solid food, let him try all sorts of different food as far as possible, but be restricted only a kind, the love that does not yield your individual as far as possible affects the infantile choice to food. You can discover, the food baby that perhaps you do not like loves to eat however!

Children are general recipient inchoate dietary habit. Children got used to habit of this kind of food very easily. This are very important, for instance, food of the snack of the candy that they take, treatment, deepfry and salt are increasing. Arrived adulthood, these dietary habits will be brought about other all sorts of chronic illnesses, for instance heart disease, hypertension is mixed diabetic etc.
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