Rich zinc food aids you to labor naturally
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Recently, abroad has research to make clear, content of the zinc in food of as gravid as its later period concerns puerpera childbirth way, photograph zinc everyday more, the opportunity that its labor naturally is greater, conversely, criterion can obstetric forceps of have the aid of or analyse palace were produced.

Zinc is human body must microelement, the it is very main to finish a move effect of a lot of normal physiology functions to the person. According to expert research, the influence of zincic bisect childbirth basically is to be able to enhance an uterus to concern enzymatic active, stimulative uterus flesh is contractive, antrum of fetal ferret uterus. When be short of zinc, force of uterine flesh systole is weak, cannot proper motion ferret is fetal, need obstetric forceps of have the aid of consequently, draw substandard strength, ability childbirth goes out fetal, be short of zinc badly to need Caesarean birth. Accordingly, pregnant woman is short of zinc, what can increase delivery is painful. In addition, force of uterine flesh systole is weak, still have the possibility that brings about flooding to reach disease of intercurrent and other department of gynaecology too much, affect puerpera health.

Below normal circumstance, the pregnant woman need capacity to zinc is more than average person, this is pregnant woman oneself outside needing zinc, still get the fetal need in supply growth, if gravid woman complements carelessly, with respect to extremely easy lack. So pregnant woman should eat a few food that contain zinc to abound to be like the flesh more kind kidney of medium pork liver, pig, lean lean; The fish in sea product, laver, ostracean, clam; The soya bean in legume food, gram, horsebean; Of incrustation fruit is earthnut, walnut, chestnut, all can choose to feed. Especially ostracean, contain zinc highest, every 100 grams contain zinc to be 100 milligram, reside all tasted coronals, can calls zincic element treasury.