Which kinds of temperament does your darling belong to?
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Temperament is one of features of individual character psychology, namely the disposition that people often says, disposition. Attentive parents will notice the temperamental characteristic of darling.

The temperamental cent of average baby is 3 model:

Bring up easily model: Expression has the law for infantile activity, to the environment the change suits fast, mood response is lukewarm and give priority to with positive response, not self-conscious, after waking happy do not cry noisy, easy accept new thing to wait.

Raise difficulty model: Infantile activity lacks the law, suit to environmental change slow or cannot suit, mood reaction is strong and often be negative reaction, evasive to new thing, shrink back, after waking, cry namely and encounter difficulty to also cry aloud be troubled by, have extroversion sex.

Passion is slow model (start slow model) : Recreant and craven, suit slow, reaction intensity is low, performance is negative the sentiment is more, provide introversion.

Temperament is the base that individual character expands, understand temperamental feature of the baby, can be in inchoate education teach students in accordance of their aptitude, find out the development direction that fits the child most, make its physiology and intellective potential get sufficient play.

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