The daughter-in-law that makes a mother-in-law satisfactory 8 big regulation
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Is the family harmonious and happy be just is the first? ! Changeover thinking -- the difficulty that wife and mother concerns, do son's wife actually also should ego self-criticism, set out from the angle of the other side more, a hand is to pat what do not ring.

The daughter-in-law that makes a mother-in-law satisfactory 8 big regulation

One, give presents mother-in-law is should

Although the mother-in-law did not raise you, but the husband that she raised you, so since you love husband, be about to understand a son the mood to the mother, be about to respect his mom together with him, you also have father and mother, if your husband is mixed your parents backchat, ignore, are you glad? Give a mother-in-law feature smiling face more so, accompany her to chat a little more. You are good to his mom, it is good to your mom that he also is met naturally. Look in me, the hero Li Juan in the book is a very sad person actually, her person is very good, but the mouth too not Rao Ren, contend for surely according to manage, mom listened to this Rangpingya uncomfortable, smooth inferior the parents that also can feel insufficient to respect him.

2, do not mix before the mother-in-law husband is beyond the mark and affectionate

Early has seen this advice to daughter-in-law. Although you feel you were used to this kind of communication means, but the old person is an old person after all, they are having traditional idea, this resembles be before alien same, with husband exorbitant affectionate one kind also be pair of others is not respected, you say, this is your home, you are willing how with respect to how, this is right, but the old person lived in the home, this respect still should want to notice.

3, the mood that husband should take care of when giving counsel

Encounter the issue that involves husband's family, especially the problem of money, you always want to give counsel to Laogong, but must attend to his mood, the speech must have skill, although in your heart 10 thousand are not willing, also do not speak out directly, you should be mixed euphemisticly husband preach manages, let she knows you are willing to help and but because certain reason does not give help,go up, and want many somes of comforted word give counsel again. But some money you decide without method, for example farther-in-law falls ill, your even if does not give money, the family also must do money to treat a disease to father everywhere. So since cannot desert, when still be inferior to taking money flat dot, and show be willing to get look very much, will give by you mother-in-law, denounce so that the mother-in-law jubilates already so, husband satisfactory, also can consider for you more in the future. But here I should remind daughter-in-law people: Give presents husband's father and mother is should, of jest of disobedient Jing Huirang's other people, what to respect even wear mourning for a parent or relative 7 great aunt 8 mother's eldest sister unless that is you money is much.
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