Wife and mother gets along unique skill
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Marry several years, get along with the mother-in-law " acerbity, sweet, suffering, hot " also calculate tasted. Had had wife and mother to shop together buy food, go out the good time that take a walk; When the bagatelle that has had the education that is the child, man argues so that be flushed, each other does not let, also had had dissension niminy-piminy " cold war period " . After-thought rises now, it is feel deeply ashamed very! %Sg`7T}c99wed
Thinking oneself is not the sort of bright, able, considerate, attentive " good son's wife " . Because loving this ordinary home, loving each person beside, it is so in the time that gets along with the mother-in-law, often encounter not satisfactory trouble, always be brave in self-communion, be good at from analyse, in esteem, understanding, accredit, outside communicating the line that waits for these wife and mother to get along, still sum up piece at 3 o'clock note, want to say to listen with everybody. %Sg`7T}c99wed
The smile is ajar flower%Sg`7T}c99wed
Had heard a such beautiful words: The smile is ajar flower. %Sg`7T}c99wed
In the life, the person with bright smile always can give a person kind and amiable with the feeling, people is willing to be close to with her more; Contrary, she also can get people more reliance and fondly. Smile, it is the most beautiful adornment on one individual face. %Sg`7T}c99wed
Get along one room, keep a straight face all the day between wife and mother, do domestic atmosphere is tensely, go against those who leave generation to grow already, created a condition for domestic contradiction again. When going out in the morning, grinning " I visited mother! " return the home, smiling face photograph is greeted, soft tone " mom I came back! " believe again the mother-in-law of this board, the not show one's feelings on even if face, also meet in the heart because of the smiling face of the other side warmth. This one action but " secret of get the upper hand of definitely " , try more, effective. %Sg`7T}c99wed
Very much daughter-in-law speaks out%Sg`7T}c99wed
Common saying says: Very much daughter-in-law speaks out the mother-in-law, very much the mother-in-law speaks out son's wife. %Sg`7T}c99wed
Some wife and mother, once had some of small contradiction, not be both sides is sought communicate, what like to tell each other before the person however is not, time grew, without windtight wall, "A place of strategic importance gets bottle mouth, a place of strategic importance does not live person mouth " , pass in the ear of the other side, contradictory with respect to become acute. %Sg`7T}c99wed
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