Banzai understands between wife and mother
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In the life, a lot of mother-in-laws say daughter-in-law does not understand her pains; A lot of daughter-in-law also say the mother-in-law does not understand her filial piety heart. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

If there is such thing in domestic average: The mother-in-law generates suspicion to the daughter-in-law that dresses up before lens, often dressing up on the flower is long, probable because outside had a lover, red even apricot gave a wall. Actually, of daughter-in-law dress up, because she likes,be completely neat and drive vogue.

Why can the mother-in-law have this kind of view to daughter-in-law? The reason has two: Psychological quality of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are different, so ability can have such verdict; As a result of " acting channel " problem, going up to beautiful understanding, point of view of wife and mother is different. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

So, want between wife and mother " understanding " , the wide gap that exceed differs because of the idea and must produce. And between wife and mother if want to accomplish mutual understanding, be about to master the specific skill of understanding and method.

Sober and objective analysis. No matter which one party, want to understand the other side, the thing that is about to do to its, do not go making conclusions gently, pass attentive observation however, maintain accurate without by accident hind, make conclusions again. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

Compare the heart the heart, let oneself be in of the other side think locally. Such doing, make one party can be considerate ground is consider of the other side. As the mother-in-law for, can daughter-in-law of have visions of is gone after " good " hardships and difficulties; As daughter-in-law, can appreciate is opposite to the mother-in-law oneself " nervous " the mood.

Forgive give priority to. Main body restrains him to misunderstand the behavior of others and language to go up now. Return those who include tolerate with others to bear, also can make oneself accomplish good-tempered the other side, and show sympathy the difficulty of the other side is mixed difficulties that one is reluctant to mention

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