Religion how do you do well wife and mother concerns
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1.Ask marital help

The man that asks you helps you understand the habit of a few mother-in-laws more, much be considerate is mother-in-law consider.

  2. Want real reason

Should know even if build a kind with his parents completely harmonious, the relation that does not have any cracking also is not easy, do not want extravagant hopes and mother-in-law to establish the sort of very good relationship so.

3.Seek the collective site of two people

Develop a few interest that agree with the mother-in-law as far as possible, such conducing to you are communicated each other and understand.

   4.Build good " bilateral relationship "

Although you and mother-in-law relationship are very not harmonious, the mother that the mother that also should urge the husband and him maintains good child relation, such ability are advantageous improve the relation with the mother-in-law slowly in the future with you. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

5.Make clear dispute

Want the straight-out thing that allows a mother-in-law to know you do not like, otherwise if she knows what cannot do, if everything was made clear, won't produce needless misunderstanding.

  6. Show consideration for consideration mother-in-law

A few demand of reasonable and contented mother-in-law.

  7. Want when anything crops up sober

Although produce contradiction or conflict with the mother-in-law, also want to exercise restraint as far as possible, be furious of avoid by all means, want to make oneself come down calmly as far as possible first, continue to discuss problem place with the mother-in-law again next, want to remember wanting to retain the respect to her below any circumstances. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

  8.Build united front

Want to unite a manner with the husband, keep consistent.

  9. Wide in order to need a person

No matter produce what situation, she is the mother of your husband, perhaps she is not so get along hard. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

 10. All things thinks

The family gets along happening of hard to avoid is contradictory, what do not see the unpleasant thing that produce is overweight, want to learn to forget unpleasant thing. After all, everybody still must live together. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]
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