The contemporary new equation that wife and mother gets along
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I do not know how others gets along with the mother-in-law, marry a few years this to look from me, contradict without what between our wife and mother, do not prevent say to listen to also be share together with everybody.

When just marrying, I do not live together with the mother-in-law, be born till our baby son mother-in-law criterion of there is no shirking the responsibility shoulder a blame that look after children. At ordinary times I and husband have a job, what time going to work looks after children always is a mother-in-law. Next midday coming home, I cook with respect to busy move after eating a meal, the mother-in-law always is bringing the child, good let the siesta in us go up a little while. Can say one whole the child is mother-in-law belt day, we just just look after children after next afternoon coming home. Everyday morning mother-in-law always gets up the earliest, early wash the dress good breakfast has been burned wait for us to rise have a meal. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

From above can see, my mother-in-law can say is a spotless good mother-in-law. I and man get married 4 years, but I and mother-in-law are done not have red cross a face, feel I and mother-in-law resemble kissing mother and daughter instead, and cent is born however between the husband. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

Why didn't others resemble between our wife and mother in that way contradictory? Also not be to say the thing that is which person actually, I feel is us between the result of the joint efforts. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

When we just married, I say with the mother-in-law: "Mom, I am the person of a straightforward, what says, if conversation was weighed over there me, those who say is egregious you Your Excellency not to write down Lilliputian to pass, can not write down a heart to go up! " the mother-in-law says: "You are fastened so say, it is a family later parents is right children, still have what bear grudges. " such, ugly word said to be in front later, I talk sometimes weighed, or if saying what is impertinent, the mother-in-law always is not written down go up in the heart, identifying a fault to do not have a thing to the mother-in-law afterwards.

Additional, when I am reading newspaper, saw < the contemporary new equation that wife and mother gets along > , be benefited fine looks to everybody in this more, hope everybody also can get along well with the mother-in-law.
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