The malignant tumor of marriage of relation of wife and mother
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"Wife and mother concerns " this topic, to already entering the friend of marital encircle a city for, it is a vocabulary with very sensitive closely guard a secret. Can say, in a lot of element with influence marriage happiness and harmonious family, "Wife and mother concerns " become those who be next to extramarital love to destroy emotive of husband and wife " killer " , return somebody play call his influence marriage quality " malignant tumor " , it is the one big inducement that causes domestic civil war. Visible, its consequence and harm sex are different from general, a before Wei Ran becomes young men and women to enter marital hall " obligatory course " -- how to coordinate with processing " wife and mother concerns " . [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

Someone says, "' wife and mother concerns ' be a pair natural cannot mediate ' the class is contradictory ' " , " married a son's wife, be equal to height dead " . Of course, this word has its biasedding place, have its reason however. With what this answers relatively still another kind of family concerns to be widely divergent -- " mother-in-law concerns " . Common saying says, "10 son-in-law nine is close " , " a son-in-law half height " . This world is really strange! The close feeling that produces because of marital ligament likewise concerns, "Wife and mother concerns " and " mother-in-law concerns " present a such big contrast unexpectedly, unimaginably queer calling a person. Perhaps, this is the true portraiture of actual society, contradict and consolidate the abundance that makes the living and ongoing power. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

Try illustrate " wife and mother concerns " problem. Some male phone seeks advice, its mother is less than 50, be about to make preparations in him bridal when, originally the mother of all along extraordinary showing good sense, overbearing and the some moods termagancy that changes suddenly, unjustifiable, his what offend son must defer wedding day, in order to adjust maternal mood. Later, once wedding day is adjusted, the mood of his mother immediately good a lot of. Of course and its mother communicate, discover the marriage of this all one's life is inferior to this mother all the time meaning, get a few times twists and turns, slowly the affection that she abandoned herself, total heart uses up maternal duty, breed her only sons. Although be in,cradle work hard extremely in the process that the son grows, but still can overcome heavy difficulty, because,be -- the hope that the son is her, it is her spiritual prop. Want to have a son only, other is indifferent to. But the eye looks at a son to be brought up,grow up, marry get married, the easy life of a small family that has wanted oneself. Maternal heart drops into cereal bottom again, seem to want what to lose again like. After the day that deciding son wedding day especially, all the more of this kind of feeling is intense, deep, true mood is then fugacious, cannot accuse oneself. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]
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