Affection of unforgettable wife and mother
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Want to say my mother-in-law all the time, write a bit thing to give my mother-in-law, often can think of this topic, do not know however from why to speak of, I am afraid that the pen of myself clumsiness expresses the feeling that gives pair of mother-in-laws lucidly hard, to the mother-in-law's love, let oneself feel regretful! Say mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are a pair of contradiction that cannot mediate, can be the elapse as time, the relationship of I and mother-in-law is closer and closer however, mother-in-law more and more let me touch! In the day that gets along with the mother-in-law her the real situation is moving I, her bosom is comprehending me, make the knot issued a kind of deeply to kiss affection between our wife and mother. In the years that get along, also Ceng Xiaoyou grinds (if be in how on feed child problem) , but that is us only the small this world that takes all the way is weak. What Hua Lou of scour off lead goes out still is beautiful it is genuine it is to touch.
Be born from the daughter case, the mother-in-law comes in my home from native place, help attend the child, go up to the child all the time elementary school. The mother-in-law is an indrawn person, do not talk more, no matter what you say, can laugh only on her face, photograph of one face charity, when I had not seen she is angry almost, she seems to do not have any angry reason. Will arrive home to rose li that day from the mother-in-law, she is not had complained those who do not have regret to undertake the whole thing all housework, the top had this home. See the child, wash the dress, make a meal, clear away the home, seem to never have leisure, always indefatigable. But the hardship that the mother-in-law knows in my heart, very compunctious, persuade her to be done less a few, a few housework we come off work come back redo, but she always laughs, the agree in the mouth is worn, hands or feet still is working ceaselessly however. I resemble class of every the world like fighting, drive in past home at top speed, want to help her partake a few, when can returning the home, what the floor always brushs is clean, the kitchen is cleared away shipshapely, appetizing meal is placed on table already. "Mom, you must eat one's head off my be used to, your son is good cold-shoulder me " I act like a spoiled child to the mother-in-law. She is to laugh laugh say: "You outside tired a day, I am in the home at a loose end also is at a loose end, the thing of the in one's power that make a point is should. " the mother-in-law loves clean, the child always is done neatly by her, dizen is perky, domestic Li Yongyuan is bright and clean. With all old people that walk over from old society, the mother-in-law is maintaining difficult and simple, economizing quality all the time, herself lifetime is economical be used to, oneself never be willing to part with or use buys the thing with decent what, but she spends money to the daughter from not stint cherish, her caress by every means, let what I become Mom this wondering: She the so great mind that person where of six years old comes to? The nursery school on the child when, blow every time when raining, my calm ground is busy oneself thing, because I know she allows to be able to maintain an umbrella,wait early, no matter the dinner party has much evening in the evening, be away on official business much further, the sureness in the heart always feels because of the mother-in-law in my heart.
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