Costly medium " is celestial marry the garment "
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Viktor&Rolf is the marriage gauze that H&M designs, price is 349 dollars - than starting always the gauze of renown division marriage of thousands of U.S. dollor is designed, the marriage gauze that Viktor&Rolf designs draws scare buying agitation, the reason is very simple, because this is honest to Gemini stylist,be too famous, the price that other external cause is it -- price only 349 dollars. Be in abroad, a lot of stylist are on marriage gauze make an issue of, play bridal marriage gauze gave variety. This year in March, hold in London " bridal keep to the side shines " celebrity dress auction is exhibited on, british young lady amounts to Ni Li before.

Go in costly and most advanced

Luo Yide (Danielle Lloyd) , songbird Mica Paris and compere Emma. Gelifei (Emma Griffiths) take him marriage gauze the sale in succession, earning money will be raise donations of remedial lung cancer. Go up reason of a list of names posted up: The price is low.

The marriage gauze of bridal dress white goes slowly in bridal footpath, this is the traditional scenario of wedding of the west in our impression. Actually, the west has a lot of stylist to play marriage gauze gave variety, include Vera Wang among them.