The love game of high pay woman is regular
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In the thing pop chart that makes a woman glad on the world, sure platoon is in high pay very the position before leaning. But before can you discharging love? The first reaction of a lot of women is to say cannot. Fine fine presumably, best of course and OK complete, but if must be between high pay and love,make a choice, I would rather choose high pay -- the dictate because of money person the constitutor that often is love game regulation...

◆ did not chase the man that be less than

This word aux used to is said by the man: Did not seek the woman that be less than.

  ◆ should do a vase early

Tried hard so long, build the way that gets oneself to be able to master eventually, so wanton and happy, how does be willing to part with or use abandon? Woman of a lot of high pay is so old die does a vase, perhaps look for a frank and useful man, perhaps look for a pattern beauty male. The comment of others no longer important, oneself are happy be.

When ◆ needs, say with the man not, when liking face about goes, buy a gift to express his love to the man

Oneself choose living way, clad means, talking means, of eyes aplomb be in charge of for oneself and buy sheet. The man is needless feel to do not have face, because high pay woman is ultimate,did not think toward that direction.

  ◆ I just am the person that control

The man says: You are really very rambunctious woman. High pay woman smiles not language, but reply in the heart: The person that because I just am,control.

Working overtime is more important than appointment

It doesn't matter can change working manner of the man and viewpoint of value, to high pay woman same also.

  ◆ does not make one of choices of the other side forever

When this kind of circumstance happens, also will be him immediately one of choices, such game ability is quite fair.

◆ rejects to announce more

The man is sharing the meeting when be less than information to become very good, and won't regard the woman as the content in bursa and reduce interest.

  When ◆ envies, also be in apparently keep quiet

Because clever female popular should understand, the man often can be interested in other woman, this is a kind of their habit only.

◆ woman also needs to prove to oneself constantly, still have appeal to other man
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