Originality dish hair make perfect bride
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Fashionable bender · is handsome fair maiden

Be in most on the cocktail lounge of In, dish of chic hair bride of your fair maiden leaves overcautious feeling, to the top of one's bent brandish asperses fashionable elegant demeanour: Be in boldly the top of head with hairpiece dish give bowknot appearance, let handsome blossom with clever and easy ground the most distinctive color, in the costly emotional appeal of silk of the bud before the forehead, sublimate becomes one group mysterious elegance.

Yinglun court · is contracted glamour

The court wedding of Ying Lunfeng case is relaxed and do not break decorous, elegant dish of hair accompany bridal ramble to be on white corridor: Front ridgy is contracted dish of hair in Ying Shifeng case refined in be permeated with fashionable vigor, flowery rose is taking natural fragrance to bloom between hair, make the most colorful decoration, make hairstyle more vivid and stereo.

Luxuriant face about of divine cathedral ·

French bob is on divine cathedral wedding the royal emotional appeal with dignified and luxuriant emersion: Below the design since the bitter fleabane of coping with orderly arrange slippery tress to make up dish of court lasting appeal that gives classic nobility, coagulate below sunshine a gathering of things or people gives a ring of light like angel, delicate pattern sends hairpin to adorn meantime, there is flange between smooth shadow on the west emotional appeal.

Brilliant marriage banquet · Thespian starlight

Brilliant wedding march is played in astral class hotel, dish the wonderful detail of hair condenses star wind below crystalline light model: Send bundle of enthusiastic pulling force that having Fuluomingge curlily, what turn over common curl is insipid, model an effect skinning texture that is full of Thespian feeling, add natural and graceful and self-confidence for the bride, illume delicate marriage banquet.