4 restore ancient ways makeup look sways China confuses condition
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From colour makeup the perspective will examine person and architectural impact afresh, see the wonderful correlation that is like two jobs that take a group none to having countless ties however, what brought 2008 is a cognitive innovation not only. The colour of this season makeup inspiration comes from great theater of cubic metre of bird's nest, water, China and Olympic park respectively 4 shiny buildings, from the China affection charm of inheritance of a few chiliad and modern building become attached to, carve gives face of fine romanticism restoring ancient ways. The United States is colourful and low-key, concise and dinkum, it is New Year during the optimal option that female makeup holds.

Come from the inspiration of bird's nest

What derive writtens guarantee is old and alluring

Be in old China red on the evil evil spirit of on tone one opium poppy, let caky Oriental verve from pour out of in the soul. Freely stagger amorous feelings originates the inspiration of bird's nest, derive writtens guarantee from “ the old force of ” , capture in the instant each capricious heart, the makeup look that your person highly praises makes feminine beauty infinite blossom.

Point1: Lipstick of wine dumb light

Low-key dumb smooth red lip gifts intellectual woman is traitorous breath, although change to become elegant devil personally, also be full of tender glamour.

Point2: Dizzy the picture of palm red eye that paints

When warm and luxuriant palm red if splash-ink is same dizzy catch go up in eyelid, let the soul cast off commonplace chains as the curse of be puzzled of the evil spirit like opium poppy. New Year beginning, change flashily merely, can cast a strong queen glamour.

Come from water cubic inspiration

Return to this true water embellish makeup look

Be like those who if not have,have is naked makeup continuously fashionable stage of T of a few season, the water embellish of more outstanding this year skin feels character, that if the water in night sky is cubic pure and full one blue surface layer, contracted gimmick deduces the perfect union of a light and water.

Point1: Shui Runshuang lip

The natural color of skin that specious moving smile adds ornament meantime bead light, full water embellish feeling makes double lip sex appeal dye-in-the-wood.

Point2: Transparent cheek

Begin from the cheek of 0 defect, emphasize the transparent cheek that powdery mist and burnish pay equal attention to, pure heart appear vividly at makeup.

Come from the inspiration of Chinese great theater

Downy in blink aureate amorous feelings

Come out before buckish, the metal this year is much a few tonaller guileless feeling, asperse gently like postmeridian sunshine in the housetop of Chinese great theater, reflection gives warmth and glaring brilliance. What meticulous skin blends in softness is aureate, let facial each place detail be permeated with light burnish temptation.
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