Of gentle and graceful bride accuse to feed unique skill
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Wanted to marry, good to maintain figure can put on that the most beautiful marriage gauze, show to can be on wedding the most perfect oneself. Accurate bride must not be absent bridal ongoing travel is on a diet in order to carry oneself figure, want, is facing inviting food how cruel? Look rapidly below marriage is still young make up when to accuse to feed unique skill for what you bring:

One 1 bites 20 times (get effective time: 20 minutes)

Cerebrum actually very good cheat there is not food to be able to be satisfied only certainly when wanting to have a thing, occasionally light is to chew this movement can let cerebrum have the feeling that has a thing so clever you should know how to do! Eat a thing to be chewed a few times more likewise, can it is OK that in advance lets cerebrum produce satiated feeling to have make the body little absorb hundreds of calorie, simple good with honest.

Small snacks of 2 0 quantity of heat (get effective time: 3 minutes)

Appetite is big, want to have a thing very much really. That eats! Will nod exceed low caloric food, for example tall fibrous biscuit, these are very quick contented openings desire, eat to be able to occupy full space again in abdomen, at the same time quantity of heat exceeds again reduce weight lowly good helper.

3 pairs eat the meat (get effective time: 3 hours)

It is food likewise, know a choice not only but little absorb a lot of quantity of heat, still can lengthen full go up feeling, drop a thing cruel the odds that rise. It is the flesh likewise kind, cruelly oppress chicken compared with grease more red meat, it is of course relatively the choice of actor

4 brush a tongue (get effective time: 1 day)

Extend a tongue to look, whether is there the fur of a white above. Be careful! But this causes one of chief culprit that day of accurate bride appetite adds. Wine of smoke of be addicted to, be fond of treatment food, the person with serious taste, the person that phenomenon of coating on the tongue wants to compare dietary detailed account is serious, this is secreted on behalf of saliva little, taste bud susceptibility is low, also satisfying what eat more, the phenomenon of out of control of very incidental appetite. Take out your soft tooth brush, brush the bilge below the face that divide a tongue and glossal face gently, the taste that can look for you not only still can prevent your halitosis.
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