The clad principle of shoulder breadth beautiful bride
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From get model, …… of sleeve length, design, colour finds out the clad philosophy that fits wide shoulder beautiful bride most, make you relaxed cast off your bodily form worry, show well-balanced figure curve.

  1, getting is wide shoulder beautiful bride dresses send success key

Collarband appearance can affect the visual impressions of humeral ministry most. Big V gets the optimal design that is wide shoulder beautiful bride,

The line of vision that V of by means of gets is outspread, conceal the defect of wide shoulder ably.

   2, U is gotten, especially deep U is gotten also can “ shrinks humeral ”

U is gotten make cervical show an open region, strong department is slender, humeral ministry is natural also with respect to narrow. The jacket feel of real silk quality of a material wonderful, drapability is admirable also, effect of big U posses decorates wide shoulder blemish, cervical decoration has adornment effect already, more cannot its decorate oversight meaning.

  3, design must be widened than lesser jacket collarband

Thickly dotted dot or small broken beautiful design, very the flower is spruce modern, of wide shoulder, the bride must choose the design with opener collarband, such ability won't appear shoulder is stronger large. Thickly dotted dot looks times feeling is dense, if collarband is close not leak, the scale that can invite the upper part of the body is aggravating; Get a design with big V, spread out collar space, balanced the line of wide shoulder.

   4, chic garment places a design to shift a focus

The jacket with flowery and dazzing colour, appropriate chooses the clothes that there is special design under pectoral line, had better be in in lap somewhat originality, let a person want carelessly difficult.

  5, distinctive jacket can make a person complete forget wide shoulder

The design …… with the unique design on marriage gauze, spruce flower wants only can attract firmly of line of sight go.