The couple lives: Do not touch the button that hits man sex panic
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Had you had such experience? You and he is enjoying the passion of love and lingering on the bed, abrupt ring rises, of your mom " Hello " make he one roll skips to go up to sofa from the bed, was frightened indeed jump greatly, a long time delay does not come over.

Although man total him show off has the inherent quality of face the music, face anything won't confused hands or feet, but, the man also is a person, they also can have when quivering. The banquet of · of Michael of a sexology expert of Chicago straps a doctor to say: "Should what menace arrives when their self-respect, the man will be alarmed fear, and the gender is a man what establish and maintain self-respect is essential. " it is so in bisexual life, if the man feels panic is mixed suddenly,be at a loss, it is you have what thing to be done not validly certainly.

So, it is the button that what reason touched man sex panic normally, how do you avoid this kind of awkward hour again?

   Be afraid that you are without a response

Sexual love is feeling is mixed between the sweetheart the closest communication of the body, it is the conversation that spirit and body have at the same time. When make love, the man always likes to hear a few encouraged words, perhaps be heard and see your clear response, sound it may not be a bad idea, limbs movement it may not be a bad idea. If you all the time silent does not make a sound, at one's convenience he how kubla khah dripping wet, as if to bask in him aside, he can feel your silent it is dissatisfactory or a kind of protest, unmindful.

Writer Peter of 30 years old says: "Sometimes the abrupt save one's breath that my cummer and I make love, I think is I am done badly certainly. Then I begin cranky, do not understand oneself after all where is the fault, do not have the mood completely also so. " the body that some men say to become a woman swings as their rhythm no longer, they feel scared, resemble swimming desperately in the of great capacity that does not know depth. Pedagogic Michael of 27 years old says: "Sometimes we chose kind of very good pose, feel each other are completely shirt-sleeve, be without reservation, but she was not moved suddenly, I feel very strange, think carelessly withdraw troops calculated only. Think carelessly withdraw troops calculated only..
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