Why is the face so dry? How be solved?
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Enter winter, as the fall of air temperature, the metabolic ability of human body is reduced gradually, the skin can decrease because of excretive of gland of sweat gland, skin and lose more water is divided and become close hair is dry. Because of this winter it is very important to protect skin to appear. If maintain meticulously carelessly, the use of the stimulation of cold wind and central heating will make you bright former days more beautiful skin becomes dim and coarse, lack is stretch, generation furrow. Accordingly, preventing the standard protecting skin with skin proper be agitated is:

1, drink water more: Drink enough much water, avoid to cause the skin because of water is being lacked inside body dry. Water the quantity is daily 6 cups reach 8 cups, return OK and drinkable fruit juice, mineral water, boiled water to wait at the same time.

2, water fills outside body: Bathe can maintain skin appearance wet; Fume with vapour can reduce moisture to send out. Wash the face, water when bathing lukewarm cannot exorbitant. You still can try try out to enter the water beautiful intermediary protects wet condensation! Water beautiful intermediary protects wet condensation to come from marine elite, in extractive and deep-sea ore " deep-sea mine brilliant is ionic " fall with the joint action of water, oxygen, drip of sparge of water beautiful intermediary, meeting resembling is magic and same, the instant runs into skin cell inside, arouse cellular vitality, increase skin full water to spend, enhance skin metabolism ability, can promote protect skin to taste 3 -- the absorption of 6 times, can improve the condition with your dry skin effectively!

3, the mood that keeps good, assure enough sleep.