The magical function of 6 kinds of special sex postures in newly-married couple
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Step life another phase---Marry, after the 2 people after bridal chamber passes close more close. But the newlywed that has sexual experience to doing not have, sex fun became anguish and burden instead, the newly-married honeymoon that if you do not think it is worth while that for no reason was wasted,recalls all one's life period, it is the position of 6 individual character that you offer below, can help probably be about to step honeymoon period you.

   1, inflectional show magic power -- aid you to give birth to BB

This kind of posture suits to marry to want to be pregnant most you, because use inflectional when the vagina is perpendicular almost, and union is deeper also, so the penis can ejaculate directly to the uterus, seminal fluid resembles the water inside the tube that be loaded, won't spill over come; Additional, this kind of posture begins flabby woman to a few postpartum vaginas, also very cicatrization.

   Proper place

The woman lies, will double leg is stuck closely in abdomen, or put the leg on the man shoulder that crouchs partly, the man two tactics unbend, form Fu to lie to crouch a pose partly.


This kind of posture can bring vaginal short ∶ bigger attrition is exciting, because of this vagina shorter or depauperate female cannot bear probably.

   2, uphold a position -- most appropriate insecurity Great Master

Upholding a position is a female two legs are in the male between two legs. During newly-married, the female because the mood is nervous, when sexual love, your vagina stretchs hard to avoid very small, make resistance not self-consciously.

Use promote a Ke Lingnan sex to be entered smoothly, be oppressed by the vagina ability congests slowly throbbing, again slowly thorough.

   Proper place

The woman lies on her back, two fade unbend, the arm can be put in the man is carried on the back or encircle is worn the male, the man maintains double genu and double hand on the bed, confront the woman, the woman two legs are clipped.

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