In marriage, the man fumbles the feminine privacy rule that give
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  When can the man just know feminine secret

In marriage, you lived to make together old, ever also mixed you before the flowers and below the moon, ever also felt wronged and act rashly with you brawl, still send a gift every year to you; Can serve as the husband, what is what you know she wants truly?

A Bin Zhen is to do do not understand, his madam millet and her cummer people how to have what can say more so. Pick up the telephone in her occasionally when, he goes out to handle affairs, after waiting for him to come back, he discovers she still is in and same individual communicates. "Crucial question notes when our man talks, but female people always pesters minor details however, this is to be between billow take time simply. This is to be between billow take time simply..

You can be heard " right " " namely " these words use frequency such tall, you also can see two people do not live nod, express to agree with the viewpoint of the other side.

Dan Abin is not clear still: "She says every thing do not have time to do, can look according to me, if she is absent the waste time on the phone is so much the word of time, she can have many time originally. She can have many time originally..

Expert view: This is man and woman is different, the part is biology sex, the part is sociality, but the result is same. Male support of the people often produces misunderstanding between the woman, know these different place, conduce to alleviate contradictory, reduce soulful harm.

   What does the man know the woman needs?

Man of a lot of time does not know feminine state of mind, because the woman is so called,be missish or exorbitant " self-respect " . But if the man loves this woman really, should know the following important things, be accomplished hard.

The woman needs man patience to listen attentively to her to talk.

The man is rational, in their memory " chat " it is dispute of research problem, debate, find out the way that settles way again. To achieve this goal, he perhaps can break feminine word again and again, want her " clear " his meaning. However the woman does not wish however they often express an opinion. They need a man to be listened attentively to amicably only, and oneself can say ceaseless, until feel to restore in the heart free from worry till.
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