The woman opens in bisexual life " the gender is secret "
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People often says, the woman is a book. But this book can not be very easy can understand, go up in sexual problem especially. Nevertheless, the man studies feminine idea, the place that knows the other side thinks of place to want, it is a kind of vigorous effort after all, this perhaps moves toward the first step that happiness and harmonious sexual intercourse go just about.

Now, let us open those to perhaps baffling in bisexual lifecycle the sex of your female people is secret.

   Do not like to make love below the lamp

Feminine body can make a man extremely excited normally, but the woman is in before making love, often can put out the lamp. Be bashful? Not so simple. Most woman thinks, in darkness they just can experience more vast sexual love space, can think lots and lots of letting that the person is happy better the thing with become enamoured, consequently more excited also. The eye cannot see -- the woman is to be used to shutting an eye to make love, all metropolises give place to the feeling of the body, make they more can dedicated at sexual thing. Another main reason is, most woman fears her face becomes because of excitement ugly, still perhaps can give out a few indifferent groan. In darkness, these metropolises get palliative. Actually, the woman is not what be fed up with light completely, if make love there just is a kind of dim and blurred lamplight in the space, still conduce to even create ambiguous atmosphere.

  Do not like martial and bold and powerful man

To the woman, what kind of man is the sexiest, have charm most? Martial and bold and powerful, be still straightforward Biao Han? I am sorry, the old almanac that has been mediaeval knight times then, or is the story in film of knight-errant, gunfight only. The female of current society, more those who dote on is the sort of tender goodness, active enterprising, career has, the man with responsibility strong heart, because this kind of man meets them more safe feeling, count feeling and trustful move, most female also admits, such male qualified personnel is truly sexy, have glamour, pleasing. Of course, if they go up personally again some more brave temperament, female people also won't refuse. As to sexual life respect, brave with graceless the two different matters that is a be totally unrelated more.
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